School of Spanish and Portuguese. Teachers will help guests find the connection of these languages ​​with Russian, learn colloquial phrases in a playful way and find out what is actually sung in famous songs.

Language school
July 22
13:00 Portuguese lesson for beginners
19:30 Business Spanish lesson for level B1

July 23

12:00 Spanish lesson

13:00 Portuguese lesson for beginners

19:30 Spanish lesson for beginners

Portuguese lesson

Ensina-me language center. The lesson will be conducted by native speakers Derio Nunesh and Vadyushka Rodriguez

Business Spanish lesson from Español con Kristina project:

Christina Sharykina

Practicing teacher and translator, who worked for 10 years at the Embassy of Argentina (trade and economic department), organizing visits of government delegations, translated at a high level, and now works in an international IT company for the Latin American market.

Desired level of language proficiency - B1 and above

For 5+ years Kristina Sharykina has been teaching business Spanish. The language of business is not only technical terms, but also an understanding of the context and characteristics of the country. This time we look at practical business Spanish through Argentina's export component. Using the example of short articles, we will get acquainted with the main export products of Argentina to the world and to Russia, discuss in groups the issues of exporting products, get acquainted with new words in Spanish and prepare a short summary of the country.

The lesson is aimed at developing conversational skills in business Spanish and is designed for those who already know Spanish, but do not necessarily know business Spanish. Together we will immerse ourselves in this wonderful world of language and expand our linguistic and regional knowledge.

Spanish lesson for beginners from the Español con Kristina project:

If you have never spoken Spanish but really want to try it, this is your chance! In our first lesson, we will learn how to build an elementary dialogue, find out which letters are not pronounced in Spanish and why punctuation marks are put differently than in Russian. At the end of the lesson, you will be able to tell about yourself and chat with your group colleagues.

By the way, do you know how many countries in the world speak Spanish?

The lesson will be conducted by Kristina Sharykina, founder of the Español con Kristina project, teacher-practitioner, specialist in Latin America. Christina has been an employee of the Embassy of Argentina in Russia for 10 years, and now she works in the field of IT for the Latin American market and is happy to share her knowledge with her students and subscribers

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