It will be possible to learn the culture and tradition of America by listening to the speakers in the lecture hall. There will be exciting lessons for children and Spanish, interesting lectures about meetings with tasting, as well as a lot of useful information.

Lecture room
July 22
12:00 "Brazilian Favelas" Sofia Lavrova (urbanist)
14:00 "South America at the Moscow Zoo" Elena Migunova (Moscow Zoo)
South America is famous for its rich diversity of wildlife. The brightest natives of South America who live in the Moscow Zoo will be discussed with an employee of the Moscow Zoo, Candidate of Biological Sciences - Elena Yakovlevna Migunova.
15:00 "Maradona. Memories of the King of Football" Dmitry Gradilenko (master of sports in football, TV commentator)
Soviet and Russian football player, defender, master of sports, later a Russian football agent, television commentator Dmitry Gradilenko will talk about his impressions of the match with Marodona in 1990: he will comment on the match, answer questions and sign autographs.
16:30 "All about baby alpaca products and features of business with Peru" Natalia Chernaya and Evgenia Shamis (BlackPine brand)
How is baby alpaca clothing made? What are the pitfalls of doing business with the Peruvians? Chernaya Natalia and Evgenia Shamis, the founders of the BlackPine premium knitwear brand, tell the story.
17:30 "Official Argentina" Kristina Sharykina (project "Español con Kristina")
“What is it like to organize visits of the first persons of the country, shake hands with the Ministers and translate what you have never translated? And how does all this help in language teaching? My history with Spanish began in childhood, when I realized that I really want to connect my life with Argentina. And so it happened. Over 10 years of work, many stories have accumulated related to Argentine Spanish, which I will share with you. We will talk about the cultural characteristics of Argentines, the distinctive features of Argentine Spanish, we will figure out what kind of real Argentines they are and of course we will discuss why it is so important to know the cultural characteristics of the country in order to achieve both personal and commercial success. And what personal qualities help in the work of a translator with Spanish? After all, this is a kind of lifesaver in difficult situations. I will share my personal experience, what if you also want to work with Spanish? And of course we will talk about what places are interesting to visit in Argentina and why is it so different?”
18:30 "How Russian business works with Latin America" ​​Andrey Kochkin (Expert on working with Latin America)
You will find a story about the national peculiarities of working with the region, the most demanded industries in the start-ups of the region, the cost of living, ways for a business to enter the market, working with / for Latin Americans.

July 23
14:00 Lecture on the Indian drink Mate and the culture of its use Veshkurtseva Maria (administrator of the Enlightened Mate Club)
The administrator of the Enlightened Mate Club, Veshkurtseva Maria, will tell about the traditional Indian drink.

15:30 "Discover Colombia" Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Colombia to the Russian Federation: Hector Isidro Arenas Neira

16:00 "About coffee, fruits and drinks from Colombia" with tasting (Embassy of Colombia)

16:30 Lecture on Mexico by Siomar Delgado, translated by Alexey Vladyshevsky (Teachers of Gnostic Anthropology in the Gnostic Movement)
Mexican anthropologist Siomara Delgado will give lectures on the traditions of Mexico. Siomara lectures in Spanish, and her husband Alexei Vladyshevsky translates. Discover Mexican culture on a journey through some of its most original customs and traditions. Mexicans celebrate everything; however, there is one holiday that they celebrate, not like everyone else. What Americans call Halloween is called "the day of the dead" in Mexican culture. Get to know these and other traditions and customs with us.

17:30 "Peru: language, people, culture and how to negotiate with Peruvians" Kristina Sharykina (Español con Kristina project)
Latin America is an interesting and promising business market that many Russian companies are entering. However, many are faced with misunderstanding and the inability to build effective communication with native speakers. Is this not due to ignorance of the cultural characteristics of the country and business etiquette? Any culture and language is formed under the influence of various historical events, in particular, migration waves. At the lecture, we will understand the peculiarities of the business culture of Peru and talk about which nationalities influenced the formation of modern Peruvian culture, as well as discuss the features of Peruvian Spanish and find out which are the most numerous peoples living in the country. At the end of the lecture, you will receive a cheat sheet to prepare for negotiations with foreign partners, and everyone who wishes will receive a short author's brochure about Peru.

18:30 "Mayan Culture" by Siomar Delgado, translated by Alexey Vladyshevsky (Teachers of Gnostic Anthropology in the "Gnostic Movement")
Mexican anthropologist Siomara Delgado will give lectures on the culture of the Mayan tribe. Siomara lectures in Spanish, and her husband Alexei Vladyshevsky translates. The Maya culture was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilization noted for developing the single known written language of pre-Columbian America, as well as its artistic architecture and mathematical and astronomical systems. The Maya civilization was established in the preclassic period (200 BC - 250 AD). Discover the wonderful world of the Maya.

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