Russian and Latin American artists create large-scale graphic works in real time as a symbol of unity and friendship. This project of nature is that art has an emotional connection, and leads to understanding and interaction between people. It grows to the realization that, despite choices in a localized and native language, we are all faced with the emergence of human emotions and aspirations.

Oscar Gonzalez GUACHE
An artist who uses such art styles as Mexican muralism, traditional graphics and digital painting in his works.
He painted murals, exhibited his work, and projected his creations in several countries in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.
The artist has organized solo and group exhibitions in Bogota at the Museum of Modern Art (2014) and the American Columbia Center (2016), art galleries in Buenos Aires (2015), Toulouse and Paris (2017), Berlin (2014), Chicago (2016) and New York (2017) and projected in Washington (2 019-2021), Manabi (2018) and Buenos Aires (2018).
Artist website: WWW.GUACHE.CO

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